Illustration and professional graphic design

Along the last 12 years, I majored in textiles design, getting a perfect know how about the different process and technics as screen printing, sublimation print, embroidery, hot transfer or special applications as letuces, strass, etc.                 Overall, I have become an expert in screen printing colour separation, getting the best results with the most complicated images (3D images, photographs or gradations of colour).

BABY GARMENTS (Bodies, t-shirts, bibs...)

FASHION FOR BOYS (Long and short sleeves t-shirts, t-shirts with hood)

FASHION FOR GIRLS (Long and short sleeves t-shirts, strings shirts)

SWEATERS (For boy and girl)

DENIM (For boys and girls)

FASHION FOR WOMEN (Long and short sleeves t-shirts, strings shirts)


PIYAMAS (For boys, girls, men and women)

CAPS (For boys and girls)HATS AND SCARVES (For boys, girls and women)